International alliances

Bowmer & Nuiten operates internationally and we understand our clients' needs for advice on international trade and services. It is always worth comparing your situation in different legal systems or even combining them if you are doing business internationally.

We have various employees with international backgrounds. We can therefore often advise clients in their own language. To be able to negotiate and advise in (native) English is often essential in international business deals. Besides the legal aspects of a case, we are also familiar with cultural differences between various countries and are happy to assist you with your situation.

Whenever required, we cooperate with our partners across the globe.


Our office has an alliance with the German law firm "Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Imdahl & Leimnitz" in 41751 Viersen.

Furthermore, we are a member of the Dutch-German- Lawyer-Association (DNRV). Due to the fact that we are an active member, we know many of the members personally and know who to pick for your particular case.


Our office has a strategic alliance with Pointlaw in Malta. Thilly Broer-Blokland, founding partner of Pointlaw, is a Dutch lawyer, that has been practicing in Malta since 2015. Pim Nuiten deputises for Thily, when she is unavailable. In 2019, Thilly successfully completed an international masters degree in European Business Law at the University of Malta. Her masters dissertation researched ‘Provisional Account Preservation Order in the European Union (EAPO Regulation), a comparison between the Dutch and the Maltese perspective'.

Thilly is available to assist our office on a project basis in disputes regarding international trade and by obtaining preservation and execution orders in Malta.

Our office is an active member of two international and independent associations for lawyers and accountants, AIJA and IGAL. AIJA and IGAL also regularly organise conferences which we not only attend with great pleasure but to which we also activelt support by supplying speakers and committee members.

Sabine Imdahl is also an active member of JCI and participates in its international programmes.

Our partners around the globe offer you access to local markets and ensure that you receive accurate and prompt advice. Depending on the situation, we either act as an intermediary to make contact with one of our partners or remain our client’s direct contact.

For more information about our international partners, please contact Pim Nuiten or Sabine Imdahl.