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For foreign nationals living in the Netherlands, the Dutch legal system can be confusing, especially if you are confronted unexpectedly with life changing decisions and you do not speak fluent Dutch. Our expatriate desk aims to guide you through these hurdles in (native) English.

Our expatriate desk is not only aimed at expats temporarily stationed in the Netherlands, but also at foreign nationals permanently resident in the Netherlands, that either feel they do not speak the language well enough or have legal problems that have cross-border aspects, such as property in another country, an employment contract with a foreign company or a spouse living in another country.

Our expatriate desk specialises in Divorce and Family law and Employment law. We also advise and litigate in civil disputes for foreign nationals, such as rental disputes and small claims.

Please note, we do not handle Immigration law cases.

Maria Bowmer is specialised in international divorce and family law and is the contact person for our expatriate desk. Maria is a native English speaker. She regularly advises spouses regarding divorce, but also on the consequences of marriage itself within the jurisdiction of the Netherlands. In amicable divorce cases, Maria can draft English language documents to ensure that both parties fully understand the divorce settlement. Maria also developed the website Dutch Divorce Lawyer for foreign nationals seeking information on Divorce law in the Netherlands.

Sabine Imdahl is specialised in international child custody cases. Sabine also runs our German Desk and is fluent in Dutch and German as well as English.

Jaap Wijnja has many years of experience in employment law. He regularly advises both foreign employers and employees on termination of employment, jurisdiction, reorganising personnel and on the drafting of employment contracts.

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