Employment and labour law

Dutch employment law is strongly oriented towards protecting employees rights. Dismissing staff can be difficult and redundancy packages are generous compared to most other European countries. Dutch labour law is also easily deemed applicable to foreign or expatriate workers in The Netherlands. To avoid the many pitfalls of Dutch employment law, it is important to seek legal advice at an early stage when hiring or firing staff in the Netherlands.

Our office provides services for employers, executives and employees alike. Our aim is to demystify the complex rules surrounding Dutch employment issues and to supply our clients with practical solutions and advice. We have experienced lawyers in the field of employment law with an international background, so we can advise you in Dutch, English and German.

Our areas of expertise:

  • employment agreements;
  • general employment conditions;
  • application and consequences of binding Collective Labour Agreements ("CAO");
  • dismissal of employees;
  • dismissal of executives and board members;
  • termination of employment contracts;
  • reorganisations and restructuring, collective dismissal;
  • non competition issues and secrecy agreements;
  • assistance in drafting personnel manuals and codes of conduct;
  • obligations of the employer and employee during illness;
  • expatriation and repatriation of employees;
  • employment contracts for expatriates.

Our contact person for Employment and Labour law is Jaap Wijnja. Please feel free to contact him for more information.

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